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-Elaine Suderio-Tirone

Nurse Practitioner

Using the UPEF is very quick and easy to complete. It adds very little time to my work day. It's an efficient way to collect all required information to send to our coordinator. So far there is no reluctance to utilize the form after my patients' visits

-Dr. Gjonaj

Pediatric Pulmonologist

Dr Gjonaj.jpeg

The UPEF has allowed me so much ease in entering data into PortCF.  In the past, I would go over multiple notes to find specific data points. It was very time consuming as providers’ notes did not always clearly indicate or outline the information I was looking for. Since these data was not readily available, I would have to find other ways to get this data, such as calling the respiratory therapist, to see if they had  pulmonary function test results. Another instance would be if their notes did not indicate if the patient have mild, moderate or severe exacerbations. I would have to look into the medications and if patient were on IV antibiotics or being hospitalized, I would assume that this patient has severe exacerbation. With the new form we created, all the needed information is now available. It has made a huge difference in the amount of time I spend in entering the data. It also assures me that the data I am putting in is accurate.

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